Monday, September 15, 2014

It's about time

I just don't seem to have enough time these days to keep updated with my blog. So for now, I'm going on a little blog-hiatus, until I find the time (or desire) to keep this thing updated. But I will leave you with a quick update of all of us, and I'll tell you that you can still keep up with my family and me through Instagram and Facebook, although I'm not on FB much anymore either.

She turned ONE in July! She started walking just a week or so after her birthday too! She has the most darling personality. So far, she is completely different than my boys. She very rarely gets cranky and is always happy and smiling and teasing. She loves to sleep and eats like a champ still. 
She is a little water-baby. She splashes and plays and likes to go under. I hope she keeps that up! 
We're excited to see what she's going to learn and do in the coming year!

He will be 4 in less than a month! He is a total sweetheart, but has a mean streak in him too! He loves the colors pink and green best. He loves trucks of all kinds and guns and all things BOY. He has recently gotten into Legos and is really quite good at building little cars and bridges out of them. His best friend is Traeson, with a close second being his cousins Ryston and Brodee. 
He has not mastered the art of potty training, which is super frustrating for all of is involved! For his sake, we hope he figured it out real soon!! But we still love him no matter. 

He is 5 years old and just recently started kindergarten. His teacher is Mrs. Arko and his best friend, Tyler is in his class, and he just loves it! His favorite part of school is recess. Go figure! 
His favorite color is blue. He is a super picky eater still. He is a wonderful helper for me (most of the time). He loves going to both of his grandma's houses. 
He's a big goof, like his mom. He still sucks his thumb, but he's working on stopping. He is just a delight! 

I finally graduated college in the Spring! I'm a full time mommy and wife, part time tumbling and dance solo teacher. I feel like all I'm doing these days is running around, and trying to keep my house clean! I can't imagine how much more crazy-busy it's going to get when all my kids get to be in school and sports/dance or whatever. Yikes! 
I still love to change my hair up all the time, I just think it's fun. So in these pictures I'm super blond with short hair, but the next time you see me on here, it will most likely be different! 
I just have to throw this cute picture of one of my summer tumbling classes on here. It was an all boys class, and they were just adorable little things. Hendricks actually took this class, but he was home sick this day :( 

He is a hard-working, hard-playing man! He loves to hunt and we are in full swing of all of his hunting seasons right now. 
He likes to take the boys with him when he goes hunting and farming and 4wheeling. But he also is completely head-over-heels for his baby girl. She has definitely softened his edges! And I think he secretly loves it that everyone says that she is a mini-Nate :) 
He is a wonderful husband and is trying harder to be more attentive. He loves to spend time with his family. If given the choice, he will pick being home with us over going with his friends. He's a keeper for sure! 

So that's our update for now! 

I'll be back in a few months hopefully! 


Cade and Kelsie said...

It's fun to catch up! Your children are darling!

Tristie hearts Dax said...

I love your hair! You have the absolute best face for short hair.