Monday, September 15, 2014

It's about time

I just don't seem to have enough time these days to keep updated with my blog. So for now, I'm going on a little blog-hiatus, until I find the time (or desire) to keep this thing updated. But I will leave you with a quick update of all of us, and I'll tell you that you can still keep up with my family and me through Instagram and Facebook, although I'm not on FB much anymore either.

She turned ONE in July! She started walking just a week or so after her birthday too! She has the most darling personality. So far, she is completely different than my boys. She very rarely gets cranky and is always happy and smiling and teasing. She loves to sleep and eats like a champ still. 
She is a little water-baby. She splashes and plays and likes to go under. I hope she keeps that up! 
We're excited to see what she's going to learn and do in the coming year!

He will be 4 in less than a month! He is a total sweetheart, but has a mean streak in him too! He loves the colors pink and green best. He loves trucks of all kinds and guns and all things BOY. He has recently gotten into Legos and is really quite good at building little cars and bridges out of them. His best friend is Traeson, with a close second being his cousins Ryston and Brodee. 
He has not mastered the art of potty training, which is super frustrating for all of is involved! For his sake, we hope he figured it out real soon!! But we still love him no matter. 

He is 5 years old and just recently started kindergarten. His teacher is Mrs. Arko and his best friend, Tyler is in his class, and he just loves it! His favorite part of school is recess. Go figure! 
His favorite color is blue. He is a super picky eater still. He is a wonderful helper for me (most of the time). He loves going to both of his grandma's houses. 
He's a big goof, like his mom. He still sucks his thumb, but he's working on stopping. He is just a delight! 

I finally graduated college in the Spring! I'm a full time mommy and wife, part time tumbling and dance solo teacher. I feel like all I'm doing these days is running around, and trying to keep my house clean! I can't imagine how much more crazy-busy it's going to get when all my kids get to be in school and sports/dance or whatever. Yikes! 
I still love to change my hair up all the time, I just think it's fun. So in these pictures I'm super blond with short hair, but the next time you see me on here, it will most likely be different! 
I just have to throw this cute picture of one of my summer tumbling classes on here. It was an all boys class, and they were just adorable little things. Hendricks actually took this class, but he was home sick this day :( 

He is a hard-working, hard-playing man! He loves to hunt and we are in full swing of all of his hunting seasons right now. 
He likes to take the boys with him when he goes hunting and farming and 4wheeling. But he also is completely head-over-heels for his baby girl. She has definitely softened his edges! And I think he secretly loves it that everyone says that she is a mini-Nate :) 
He is a wonderful husband and is trying harder to be more attentive. He loves to spend time with his family. If given the choice, he will pick being home with us over going with his friends. He's a keeper for sure! 

So that's our update for now! 

I'll be back in a few months hopefully! 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I can't believe I have less than a month before my baby turns ONE!! Insane! 

This last month it seems like Bsntlee has just changed before our eyes. She has gone from a little helpless baby, to an independent toddler. Her personality has come out in full force, and I've got to say that she has the most adorable personality! Everyone who meets her just thinks she is the cutest and immediately fall in love with her. She is super friendly and chatty and FULL of grins and flirty eyes ;) 

Bentlee loves to tease everyone who talks to her, especially her daddy! She loves to be tickled and played with and absolutely loves to play peekaboo! Since I'm a tumbling teacher, I've taught her how to do somersaults. She can't quite push herself over yet, but she will put her head on the floor and wait to be pushed over. 

She has 3.9 teeth now. Her bottom two, her top front left, and the top left second tooth is all but poking through. She is constantly showing off her bottom teeth like she is super proud of her accomplishment! And she turns her tongue in her mouth so that she can feel her top tooth and play with it. 

She is all but walking too, but just doesn't seem to want to take those steps on her own. She can get anywhere she wants by crawling, so that's the preferred method still. 

She makes the funniest faces and noises too. We thought that Hendricks was going to be our talker, but I think we were mistaken. If someone is talking in the car, Bentlee thinks she needs to be talking too. She also likes to sing and she makes her voice go really soft and sweet when she sings. I'm hoping she will always like to sing and entertain us with that.

Bentlee is still very much attached to her binky.
She is still nursing quite often as well, but will take formula and whole milk if needed. 
She is constantly snacking on things and I often wonder how she isn't like 30 pounds!! 
She is wearing 12 months clothes and size 3 diapers. 
She does not like shoes, at all. 
She barely tolerates her hair bows anymore, so I only put them on her for church and special days. 
She sleeps through the night with two solid naps during the day. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Just call me an old man

About two weeks ago I started getting this pain in my middle back on my right side. It felt like I had pulled my muscle back there, but I couldn't think of how I would have pulled one there. Then the pain kept getting worse and I couldn't tell if it was inside my body or if it was coming from my muscles. Well, on Thursday May 29, I had a little bit of blood in my urine and I took that as a sign to go in to the dr to get things checked out! Nate and I headed to urgent care and the dr quickly confirmed my suspicion of having a kidney stone. However, I didn't just have a stone, I had a giant one that was going to be impossible for me to pass on my own (just my luck!) So they told me that my only options were to head out to Provo right then to the ER or try to get an appt with a urologist in Provo for sometime the next week. So we thought we'd just go out to the ER right then and get it taken care of, but again just my luck, I had taken IBprofin that day and apparently they won't preform the lithotripsy procedure if you have taken that in the last 3 days. So I had to wait til Tuesday because that was the earliest we could get an appointment with a urologist. 

So Tuesday we headed out to Provo with my mom in tow to watch Bentlee while I went in. We had high hopes that they would just perform the lithotripsy that day, but they didn't have time and I was scheduled for sometime on Thursday. So we had to make the trek back out there on Wednesday night because I had to arrive at the hospital at 6 am. Again, my mom went with us and stayed with the baby while Nate and I were at the hospital. 

We arrived at the hospital at 6 and had to go through all the paperwork and formalities. Lithotripsy requires anesthesia because it is a painful process. It requires laying on a bed while they send shock waves through my body, targeting the kidney stone, to bust it up into tiny pieces. If I wasn't under anesthesia, the dr said it would feel like a huge guy was just punching me over and over in the kidneys, so I was glad to have the anesthesia!! It's kinda funny though, because I was never really worried about the lithotripsy procedure, I was more worried about having to get an IV. I hate those things! 

I was out of the hospital by about 9:30 and we headed back to the hotel to pick up my mom and Bentlee and go home. I could already feel the soreness in my back on the ride home. They said that my stone had broken up well and that I should be seeing it passing through my body soon. I've seen a little bit of sandy stuff pass through but I think that I have a larger piece of the stone that is trying to pass because there is some intense pain in my back. I'm hoping that it will all pass soon and I can be back to normal! 

I was told that passing the stones would be worse than child birth. I can't say that it's worse, but it's definitely comparable! The pain of it compares more to the contractions part of child birth, and I'm guessing (since I haven't passed a stone yet) that the actual passing of the stone will be only slightly comparable to birthing a 7-8 lb baby since there's quite a difference between a tiny-sized stone and a baby! 
I just think it's crazy that a 26 year old woman can get kidney stones!!! Aren't those supposed to be reserved for middle-aged men??!! :) 

Saturday, May 31, 2014

10 months

Bentlee is now 10 months! 
She loves to stand up on everything and can stand up by herself for a few seconds at a time. She hasn't taken any steps yet, but maybe soon.

She loves to tease people and she has a cute little shy smile that she pulls out when she needs to :) 

She is a super happy and easy going baby! She loves being thrown in the air and going down slides. She is going to be our little dare devil! 

Bentlee is finally sleeping through the night on a regular basis! Yahoo!! She also takes two really good naps during the day and one quick one in the evening. She is still nursing quite often and doesn't seem to want to quit anytime soon, which I'm ok with! 

She loved to eat anything and everything and all the time! I swear she is just an empty pit most of the time. I can feed her and feed her and feed her, and she'll still want to eat. And I don't know where it all goes because she is a small baby. Maybe it's going straight to her cheeks! 
The only foods that I can't get her to eat much of are scrambled eggs and cheese. She spits both of those right out. 

Bentlee likes to sing and dance! If she hears music or if someone sings to her, she will dance. And not just bob her head a little, she moves her whole body and bounces and shakes. It's awesome! She also likes to sing and hum and clap her hands. 

Here's her list of words she can say, and in the order she said them first: 
Grandpa (gammpa)

She can't say Traeson (or Bug) yet, but if you say them to her, she will look around until she can find him. 

Thursday, April 24, 2014


This Spring we had to put in a water line in front of our house in order to hook up to city water soon. Yay! Right now we are just on a well, so the city water will be nice. The boys were enjoying having a front row seat to all the action. 

It's been a pretty windy spring, like always, and since we don't have a lawn it yet, it gets pretty dusty at our house. So on these kind of days we stay in and build forts to pass the time. 

Miss B had her first taste of dirt while we were putting in our water line. She's a big fan! 

Hendricks being king of the mountain! We brought in some loads of dirt to level out our lawn area, and the boys use it to play on. It ranges anywhere from a castle to a fort, to dragon lair. 

The boys got now and arrows for Christmas and they've gotten really good at shooting them. Traeson is demonstrating how he wears it around when he's not using it.

We've gone to the park a lot recently because the kids love to swing on the big swings and go down the bigger slides. Miss B LOVES the swings! She's either just totally chillaxin or she's giggling like crazy! 

Traeson likes to pretend he is a super hero and fly on the swings 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

9 months

Bentlee's little personality is really starting to shine lately! She is such a tease and is starting to interact a lot more with people. She has turned into the biggest mommy's girl and will have absolutely nothing to do with Nate at night time! She'll love on him the rest of the time but at night she is all mine. 

She loves to swing! And actually she's quite a dare devil already! She loves slides, the bigger the better, and absolutely loves being thrown in the air! 

She is very ticklish still and loves to be played with and teased! If you talk to her and ask her a question she will either shake her head no (her favorite) or nod yes. If Nate asks her a question, it is always no, haha! She can wave really well and will wave bye and hello. She also claps and will do patty cakes with you and will play peekaboo too. 

Bentlee will eat pretty much anything. I don't feed her too much baby food anymore, mostly just things that we are eating. She is still nursing quite often too, and she loves baby snacks like yogurt bites and rice puffs. 

She is definitely going to be more of a tom boy I think. She loves dirt and eats it often, and all of her favorite toys are trucks. She will crawl over her baby, fluffy toys to get to a Lightning McQueen car! 

Everyone still says that she looks just like a feminine Nate! I just think she's a pretty baby, I don't care who she looks like! 

Bentlee got her two bottom teeth within a week of each other. They came when she was about 7.5 months old. I completely spaced on writing down the exact date, but it was right in that time frame. 

She is starting to sleep a little better at night, she is really inconsistent though. She will sleep all night one night then wake up numerous times a night for the next 3 days. Hopefully soon she'll get it down to a schedule! 

Her favorite thing to do right now is beeline it for the stairs. I don't have a baby gate (I've never used one?!) so I just have to watch her close. She can crawl all the way to the top of the stairs in a matter of seconds, but hasn't learned how to come back down yet. She has only taken a spill once, but Nate was there to catch her! He was actually filming her climbing the stairs and made the mistake of talking, so she turned around and sat down to see her dad and lost her balance. She went down about 5 stairs and scraped her nose a little, but she was fine. We'll have to teach her how to scoot down backwards soon so she won't take anymore tumbles! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

February and March

Looking good for church

T and H finishing off their ice cream at G & G Betts. They have to get every last drop!

Miss B is feeding herself these days. Here she's trying peas for the first time and loving them!

H is half potty trained. It took about 2 days for him to get the peeing thing down, but he has yet to understand that poop goes in the toilet, not his pants. Ugh! But on the plus side, it only took 2 weeks of him wearing pull-ups at night, then he started wearing underwear and has woke up dry every day! Small victory!! 

I decided to be a rebel and shave the side of my head. The pic doesn't show it all, but it's been fun. You only live once, might as well enjoy it and take some risks! 

Miss B is not quite crawling, but I'm not sure if she ever will crawl the conventional way. She gets around just fine by scooting and rolling and sitting up. 

She is also starting to do this quite often. So I'm sure that if she ever does crawl it won't last long. Off to the next great adventure! 

H with his pants on backwards because "the big pockets should go in the front." He wears them like this everyday. I've decided it's not worth the fight because he likes them like that and it's actually pretty funny.